We are blessed to have the Ribe Girls Languages Department which is made up of three languages, namely; English, Kiswahili and French.

My sincere gratitude to the members of department who through their unrelenting, hard work and commitment we continue to make progress each day in the department.

Our vision is to inculcate a reading culture and also the realization of an effective language policy which is already being actualized.

I also thank the school administration for its support in ensuring that our girls get the best in both materials and social needs, which later translates into good performance.

We are confident that we will go beyond last year’s mean grades in all three subjects come this year.

The teaching staff in the  department are as follows:-


Md. Amana                                       -Kiswahili

Md. Judith Nafula                        - Eng/Lit

Mr. Nyarang’o Douglas              - Kiswahili

Md. Ngwendo Louise                 - English

Mr. Josephat Arisi                        - Kiswahili

Md. Faith Kenyatta                     - English

Md. Leah Nabwile                        - Kiswahili

Mr. Ochieng  Mike                       - English

Mr. Gerald Suke                            - Kiswahili

Ms. Caroline Tonui                      - English

Md. Annet Kalume                      - Kiswahili

Md. Mary Naliaka                        - French

Mr. Lawrence Kamia                   - Kiswahili

Md. Dama Cecilia                          - English

Md. Nyakundi Rehema             - Kiswahili



Thank you and be blessed.

Mr. Nyarang’o Douglas

Senior Master- Languages


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