We are the mighty Queens in our comfort zone, no one can pull us down. We are proud that our dorm has the top students, charming, beautiful, disciplined and intelligent ladies. Through our dorm patrons Mr. Ndisio, Ms. Louise, Mr. Tai and Ms. Naliaka, we’ve learned to think like queens and act like winners because winners never quit and quitters are never winners.

Dorm Captains: Edna Maku, Racheal Mbithe and Lilian Mwatela.


Commonly known as “The Unbeatable Ones. This dorm has gathered a fine group of ladies that have many special talents. We are the outstanding and most talented dorm in the school. Almost all the players of various games, academic giants, obedient and smart students come from our dorm. Our dorm Patrons; Mr. Douglas, Ms. Amana, Mrs. Fwaru and Mr. Masha have taught us on how to keep our dreams alive and now, we understand that to achieve anything you require faith, belief in self, vision, hard work, determination and dedication as all things are possible to those who believe.

Dorm Captains:Riziki Menza, Wendy E.Gathoni and Martha Ngallah.





We are blessed as the smartest dorm in our school. A dorm with ladies of substance, no one dares to compete with the ‘Energetic Ndovu’. We are happy to have our dorm patrons; Mr. Tim, Ms. Kenyatta, Ms. Mma and  Mr. Kamia. They are such a blessing to us. We believe that as we dream we can achieve.

Dorm Captains: Eunice Makombo and Joyce Neema


It would be foolish to say that Kifaru is not the best dorm in Ribe . We have the best students, the best athletes and the best dorm mothers. This is the dorm with its own principles that’s why it’s also called Wakefield. He was a missionary who took part in the Methodist Church hence we give him his respect. We are also glad to have caring dorm patrons, Mr. Arisi, Ms. Kinoti, Ms. Simiyu and Mr. Njonge.

Dorm Captains: Zubeda Abdul and Destiny Dinnah.


We are the pace-setters! We set the pace and lead the way as others follow. Blessed with our loving patrons, Mr. Suke and Mrs. Safari, we believe in team work and having faith in others. We win in every competition because we are the best. We believe that everyone is worth trying since nothing can hinder a determined mind. We are spectacular, intelligent, cute and creative.


Dorm captains: Swabra Ismael and Latifa Kiti.



It is determination, belief, hard work, and team work that has built the great Chui. This is the house of real beauties and bright students. We are the source of discipline and excellence. So next time when you are thinking of the best dorm in school I know Chui dorm will be the first to come to mind. I also want to recognize the efforts of our Patrons Mr. Ngala and Mr. Malala may God bless you.

Long live the Great Chui.

Dorm captains: Alice Menza and Aisha Awadh.



“The tiny musketeers” they call us. We are few but blessed. We are the cleanest and most organized dorm. Our dorm has people of great minds and good leaders. We are so delighted to have our patrons  Mr. Inyangala, Ms. Annet and Ms. Carol who are the secret of our success.


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